Product Description

The ‘Swarg Systems & Instruments’ apparatus consists of a nichrome wire immersed in water. The nichrome wire is heated by passing current through it. Input to nichrome wire is controlled by a dimmer stat. As one goes on increasing wire input current increases and at critical heat flux the wire brakes, which is measured on the meter. A magnifying glass & a lamp is provided to visualize natural convection and pool boiling also. A separate heater coil in water allows experiment to be conducted at various water temperatures.

1) Glass bowl housing water, test heater and water heater.
2) Dimmer stat to control input to test wire.
3) Voltmeter & Ammeter to measure input to test wire.
4) Thermometer to measure water temperature.
5) Magnifying glass & lamp for visualization of boiling process.
A technical manual accompanies the unit.
The unit provided with an attractive colour powder coated.

1) Bench area of 1m x 1m (approx.) at working height.
2) 230v, 15A, AC stabilized supply with earthing connections.