Product Description

The ‘Swarg Systems & Instruments’ unit consists of refrigeration cycle of hermetically sealed compressor using R-12 refrigeration. Evaporator is continuous water circulated. Out of two condensers, one is water cooled type coil, another one is finned tube air cooled type, The unit can demonstrate the heat balance of the system, actual, theoretical & Carnot COPs and heat transfer co-efficients on condenser and evaporator coil.

1. Compressor – Hermetically sealed type, having the capacity of 1/3 ton of refrigeration. (approx )
2. Condensers

  • Water cooled, continuous water flow coil, with glass wool insulation.
  • Air cooled, with fan.

A switch is provided to operate one of the two condensers
3. Thermostatic expansion valve of suitable capacity.
4. Evaporator – Continuous water flow, water immersed coil, with glass wool insulation.
5. Rotameters for water flow and liquid refrigerant flow measurements.
6. Thermometers for temperature measurement at various points.
7. Energy meter for compressor input measurement.
8. Control and safety

  • Pressostat (i.e. high and low pressure cutout).
  • Filter cum drier for refrigerant.

The unit is provided with antirust powder coating.
A technical manual accompanies the unit.

1. Floor space of 2 m x 1.5 m.
2. Continuous water supply of about 20 lit/min.
3. 230 V, 15 A AC stabilized supply with earthing.
4. Anemometer to measure air velocity (range 0-15 m/sec.) It can be supplied at extra cost.