Product Description

The ‘Swarg Systems & Instruments’ unit consists of ducting fitted with various air conditioning components. Air flow is generated by an axial flow fan and in the air flow, heaters, cooling coil and steam humidifier connection are provided. Cooling circuit consists of a hermetic compressor, air cooled condenser, capillary tube and evaporator (i.e. cooling coil). Measurements of various parameters for cooling cycle and heating cycle are provided and students can easily visualize and understand the basic principles of air conditioning.

1) Cooling circuit – It consists of –

  • Hermetic compressor, having the capacity of 2/3 ton of refrigeration (approx) using R- 22 refrigerant.
  • Pressure gauges for high and low pressure.
  • Pressostat (i.e. high and low pressure cut out)
  • Thermometers for temperature measurement at various points in the cycle.
  • Energy meter for compressor input measurement.
  • Condensate measuring arrangement.

2) Heating circuit – Air heaters with stepped input control provided with energy meter for input measurement. Max. heating capacity 1.5 kw.
3) Steam generator and injector for humidification of air.
All above components are connected to a duct of size 200mm. x 200mm. in which air flow is generated by axial flow fan.
4) Anemometer for measurement of air velocity, ( range 0-15 m/sec.)

Following experiments can be conducted on the unit.

  • Cooling of atmospheric air.
  • Heating of atmospheric air.
  • Humidification of atmospheric air.
  • Dehumidification and cooling of atmospheric air.

A technical manual describes the procedure.
Also, the unit is provided with an attractive & rust proof powder coating.

1) 440V,15A, 3phase supply with earthing connection.
2) Floor space area about 3 m x 2 m.