Product Description

The ‘Swarg Systems & Instruments’ unit is compact one, which incorporates a hermetically sealed compressor, using R-12 refrigerant. The unit is provided with an air cooled condenser and an evaporator with water as a medium. Water cooled condenser can be provided on request. Water is circulated over the evaporator coil, which gets cooled. With various measurements, Actual COP, Theoretical COP, Carnot COP and heat transfer coefficient in evaporator can be calculated.

The unit also demonstrates use of controls in refrigeration cycle.

1) Compressor-Hermetically sealed, having the capacity of 1/3 ton refrigeration.(approx)
2) Refrigerant – R-134a.
3) Condenser – Finned tube, air cooled, with fan. (Note- Water cooled condenser can be provided, on request instead of air cooled condenser. Water cooled condenser facilitates measurement of heat rejected to the condenser.)
4) Thermostatic expansion valve provided with solenoid valve.
5) Capillary tube of suitable length, to demonstrate operation.
6) Evaporator – Cooling coil immersed in water with continuous circulation of water over the coil.
7) Rotameter for liquid refrigerant flow measurement.
8) Pressure gauges for condensing and evaporating pressure.
9) Thermometers for various temperatures of cycle.and water (Digital temperature indicator can be supplied at extra cost.)
10) Energy meters to measure compressor input.
11) Controls and safety –

  • High and low pressure cutout.
  • Thermostat.
  • Overload protector for compressor motor.
  • Ammeter to visualize proper operation of compressor motor.
  • Filter cum drier for refrigerant.

A technical manual accompanies the unit.
Also, the unit is provided with an attractive powder coating.

1) Floor space area of about 2m x 2m.
2) 230v, 15A stabilized AC supply with earthing.
3) Water supply of about 10 lit/min. at constant head.