Product Description

1) Engine – ‘Bajaj Tempo automotive Diesel Engine . Four stroke four cylinder, water cooled, developing 35 BHP at 3000 rpm.provided with battery and self starter.
2) Suitable capacity Hydraulic Dynamometer OR
Electrical Dynamometer – suitable capacity alternator with loading arrangement.
3)Measurements provided-

  • Fuel intake measurement.
  • Air intake measurement.
  • Water circulated exhaust gas calorimeter.
  • DigitalTemperature Indicator for Exhaust gas & water temperature.
  • Tachometer.
  • Gauges for jacket water temp. oil pressure & battery condition
  • Arrangement to cut off the fuel injection to conduct morse test.

The test rig enables to determine I.H.P. , B.H.P. , specific fuel consumption, Air fuel ratio Volumetric efficiency and
heat balance sheet at different loads and speeds.
A technical manual accompanies the unit.
A technical manual is supplied alongwith the unit
The unit is provided with anticorrosion attractive powder coating.
The unit with electrical dynamometer can be used as a diesel generator set for lab.

1) Foundation as per our drawings.
2) Water supply 15 Lit/min. And at 1.5 Kg/cm2 pressure.
3) 230 V, AC supply with earthing .
4) Diesel 25 liters to conduct trials.