Product Description

The ‘Swarg Systems & Instruments’ apparatus consists of a transparent glass cylinder at the top of which two condensers hang and steam is admitted at the bottom. One of the condensers is provided with chrome-plated surface for dropwise condensation and other with natural surface finish to promote filmwise condensation. Water is circulated through the condensers from common inlet. The transparent glass cylinder allows visualisation of condensation process. A rotameter measures the water flow and a pressure gauge indicates the steam pressure. A digital temperature indicator measures temperatures at various points. Thus heat transfer coefficients in dropwise and filmwise condensation can be determined.

1) Steam Generator – With 1.5 kw capacity water heater and heater control and pressure relief valve. Steam dryer to remove water droplets.
2) Condensers -19 mm O. D. 150 mm long, chrome plated – 1No. (for condensation in drop forms) – 19 mm. O.D. 150 mm. long, natural finish – 1 No. (for condensation in film forms)
3) Rotameter – 25 – 250 lph for cooling water flow measurement.
4) Pressure Gauges-0 to 2.1kg/sq. cm
5) Multi channel digital temperature indicator.
6) Flow control valves for cooling water, steam control and drain.
7) Measuring flask for condensate measurement.
A technical manual accompanies the unit.

1) Water supply @ about 4 lit/min. at constant head.
2) Bench area of about 1m x 0.75m at working height .
3) 230v, 15A, AC stabilised supply with earthing connection.