Product Description

Refrigeration is an important branch of Engineering and has uses in many fields. The Swarg Systems & Instruments unit is designed to demonstrate major applications of a vapor compression cycle in a single unit. The unit consists of a hermetically sealed compressor, followed by water & air cooled condensers. A capillary & expansion valves are next to condensers, followed by three different types of evaporators. viz. low, medium and high temperature evaporators. By using proper combination of condensers and evaporator with the help of solenoid valves and selector switch, the plant can be operated as Ice plant, water cooler, heat pump or air conditioning unit. Various measurements are provided on the unit, so that the cycle can be plotted on P-H chart and COP can be estimated.

Thus the students can study the operation of different cycles and different components and compare their characteristics. Also the effect of compression ratio on COP, plant capacity and volumetric efficiency of compressor can be studied.

1) Hermetically sealed compressor having the capacity of 1/3 ton of refrigeration( approx ) using R-12
2) Condensers

  • Finned tube air cooled condenser.
  • Continuous water flow, water immersed coil as water cooled condenser.

3) Expansion Devices – The evaporators are fed by thermostatic expansion valves and a capillary is also provided for water cooler to demonstrate its operation.
4) Evaporators

  • Low temperature evaporator to operate as small size Ice plant.
  • Medium temperature evaporator to operate either as water cooler or heat pump evaporator.
  • High temperature evaporator to operate as air cooling coil. Coil is fitted in a duct. This duct demonstrates heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification processes for atmospheric air.

5) Measurements

  • Pressure gauges for condensing pressure & evaporating pressure.
  • Liquid refrigerant flow meter.
  • Thermometers at various points.
  • A dial thermometer for Ice plant.
  • Measuring flask and stop clock to measure water flow.
  • Energy meter for compressor input.

6) Controls

  • Solenoid valves and selector switch for condensers.
  • High and low pressure cutout.
  • Thermostats for Ice plant & water cooler cycle.
  • Necessary switches for electrical components.

A technical manual accompanies the unit.

1) 230 V, 15 A, AC supply with earthing connection.
2) Floor space of 2 m x 2 m with good ventilation.
3) Water supply at the rate of about 20 lit/min.
4) Anemometer for measurement of air velocity, range 0-15 m/sec.
( It can be supplied at extra cost. )